Roubaix Cycling Riding Gloves

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Your All-In-One Riding Gloves—Roubaix fabric is light and breathable enough to use all year round.

Ride with Confidence—No sweat wicking fabric dramatically reduces the chances of injury from sudden hand slippage.

Ride Longer--Elasticated wrist support reduces wrist and hand fatigue for longer, more enjoyable riding.

DBXGear’s Roubaix cycling riding gloves are built for all seasons. Made from wind stopping Roubaix fabric (86% Polyester 14% expanding sweat-wicking material), they have silicone printing on the palm and fingers for extra grip. These gloves are unisex, form fitting and include elasticated wrist support. 


  • Roubaix (86% Polyester 14% Expanding Sweat-Wicking Material)


  • Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Offroad Biking
  • Motorcycling
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